About My Photography

For me, photography is a way to see the world at large and intimately at the same time - to explore textures, colors and patterns as they occur in nature as well as created by people. It inspires imagination and refreshes memories of times, places and people.

The close-up world is a magical place full of pattern, color, natural design and imagery. Flowers become abstract works of art; doors and windows become textured canvasses; butterflies and other insects can seem otherworldly.

The world at large is a majestic panorama of landscapes and waterscapes which comingle with architecture and design, created by people but inspired by and in harmony with nature.

Artistic photography is my canvas, upon which I record images of beauty, nature, design, color, shape, tranquility as well as relationships in nature and with humanity. It can transport the viewer to another place in time.

I have won numerous awards for my work.